Report: Team & David Lee Likely Parting Ways

The Warriors are already focused on next season’s defense of the title.

Less than 24 hours after the Golden State Warriors captured their first league title in 40 years, rumors have surfaced that the front office and the camp of David Lee are working together to find a new home for the two-time All Star.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported:

Lee first saw himself lose his starting position to the breakout Draymond Green. Couple that with injuries he suffered, and Lee saw himself fall completely out of the rotation. One thing has stood tall throughout the entire ordeal, Lee has remained the ultimate professional from start to finish.

He is scheduled to earn $15.4 million next season, and while his regular season role was less, he shined when his number was called during the NBA Finals. Lee served as Kerr’s first big man off the bench in Games 3, 4, and 5. In the Game 3 loss to the Cavaliers, Lee had 11 points, four rebounds and two assists in 13 minutes. In a Game 4 victory, Lee totaled nine points, five rebounds and three assists in 15 minutes.

As the senior most tenured member of this organization, Lee should receive the ultimate praise for his unselfishness, no matter how much any of us were expecting this to happen. He accepted a lesser role and remained the same competitor he always was, and found a way to make sure he delivered for his team when it mattered most. Now it’s time for the Warriors to return the favor in finding him a new home.